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Internship Architect

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Date of last connection: 2016-03-01
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Mr. At... Al...
1202 Genève

Prepared job(s): : Portfolio, posted on ISSUU


School: Politecnico di Milano Milan 20100

Education level: Architecture 6th year
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +6
Last diploma : Master in architecture
Current educational level : +6
Prepared job(s): : Portfolio, posted on ISSUU

Duration of the internship: 6 mounths
Beginning of the internship:
2016-01-25 2016-09-05
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 31 >> 60Km


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Drawing, Graphic design, 3d modelling Autocad 2d/3d, Sketch up, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Office

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
Italian : Native
English : Fluent
French : Intermediate

Cover letter

looking for an internship/employment to improve my architecture skills, especially
practical skills, and to make different experiences.

I arrived in Geneva in December and I intend to
stay here for long period.

I am dynamic, smiling and good looking, and I’ve got a good problem solving ability, gained
through my previous job experiences.

and motivated, I would love to put my capacities at your disposal and acquire
new ones.

Now I am available every day.

So I am at your disposal for further information and for a possible

Pending your response, the expression of my best

Best regards,




Position in an office or company where I’ve got the
possibility to learn and improve my skills and my knowledges graphic design and architecture.
I would like to spend much time as possible learning about practical
activities and I would love to put my capacities at disposal of an office.


Computer Skills Drawing, Graphic design, 3d modelling

Programs Autocad 2d/3d, Sketch up, Adobe Photoshop,
InDesign, Illustrator,

Microsoft Office

Personal Interests Art, Philosophy

Languages Fluent in English, intermediate French,
Italian mother tongue


Politecnico di Milano, Milan

Master in Architecture

July 2015

Thesis: Berlin calling, a new
center for Moabit

Politecnico di Milano, Milan


July 2011

Focus on religious architecture compare to my projects


hotel Maison”, Milan

September 2012/ October 2015
(during the study)


Bar and
room service


Collaboration at Fabio Introzzi studio, Milan

November 2013/ February 2014


Project of
a wood house near Lago maggiore

Restaurant" at Royal Albert Hall , London

2011/ August 2012



Cusani hotel”, Milan

March/November 2011 (during the study)



Internship at "GFR Studio", Milan

January/March 2011


of a car showroom in Milan


Internship at "E.S.E.M."
institution building school, Milan

June/July 2006


lessons about building materials and building site

Pratical activities
at building sites

Internship at Ing. Iuzzolini studio, Milan

Jenuary/March 2006


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Les derniers stagiaires

• Stagiaire pour Stage en banque privée/ de financement

School: EM STRASBOURG BUSINESS SCHOOL STRASBOURG 67085 BACHELOR Métiers au sein d'une banque privée ou de financement

(68200 Mulhouse Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Contrat en alternance (1/2 ans) Designer graphique. Mastère Directeur de création en design graphique.

School: Campus Fonderie de l'image Bagnolet 93170 Mastère en alternance direction de création en design graphique Designer graphique, directeur artistique, directeur de création, chef de studio, chef de projet.

(75018 Paris Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage pratique en agence d'architecture

School: ENSA PARIS LA VILLETTE PARIS 75019 - Licence débutée en 2012 à l'ENSAPLV obtenue en 2015 - Paris - France - Master 1 effectué à la Universidad Polytechnica UPC de Barcelona - Espagne - Master 2 en cours à L'ENSAPLV - Paris - France Architecte - Graphiste - Dessinateur

(75016 Paris Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de PFE en Industries Agroalimentaire: Qualité/Process/R&D

School: Institut National Agronomique de Tunisie Tunis 1082 Cycle ingénieur en Industries Agroalimentaires -Stagiaire qualité -Stagiaire process -stagiaire R&D

(2022 Kalaat Landalous Tn )

• Stagiaire pour Stage d'architecte d'intérieur

School: MJM Graphic Design Rennes 35000 Architecte d'Intérieur

(22520 Binic Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Disponible pour : Stage de Graphiste - Infographiste multimédia. Compétances : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Html/Css, Communication, Gestion de Projets, CMS, Referencement. En France : Lyon - Paris et Cote d'Azur. A l'international : Selon offres.

School: INSTIC - CTI Formation Lyon 07 69007 BTS Infographiste Multimédia Graphiste, Infographiste, Chef de projet web

(69290 Craponne Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Internship Architect

School: Politecnico di Milano 20100 Milan Architecture Portfolio, posted on ISSUU

(1202 Genève Ch )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de Design communication publicité marketing

School: Escola Superior de Educação de Santarém Santarém Design, publicite, marketing

(1205 Genève Ch )

• Stagiaire pour Stage d' infographiste 3D - Web Design

School: L'Ecole de design Nantes-Atlantique Nantes 44300 Master Designer

(44300 Nantes Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage en Communication et Tourisme

School: Aalborg University Copenhagen SV 2450 Master en Tourisme Communication/PR/Tourisme

(74940 Annecy-le-Vieux Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Architectural design Building engineer Sustainable architecture Interior design Art and culture

School: Humanities Studies Cagliari 09100 2012-2014 - Post-graduate program "Environmental and Sustainable Cities and constructions" (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien - University of Studies of Cagliari, Engineering Department) Building Engineer/Architect

(09048 Sinnai It )

• Stagiaire pour . . .Looking for an internship as graphic designer or web-designer

School: Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Viseu Viseu 3504-510 Graphic design, Web Design

(1004 Lausanne Ch )

• Stagiaire pour Recherche stage de graphisme et/ou illustration

School: (CPFAA) Centre de Formation Professionnelle des Arts Appliqués Genève 1201 3e année de formation (sur 4) Graphisme / Illustration

(1255 Genève Ch )

• Stagiaire pour Stage dans le domaine de la mécatronique et conception mécanique de systèmes industriels

School: Polytech Orléans Orleans La Source 45000 2ème année de cycle ingénieur - Option Mécanique et Energétique - Spécialité Mécatronique Ingnieur spécialité mécatronique

(45160 Olivet Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Je recherche un stage dans le domaine de la communication visuelle, plus spécifiquement du graphisme. Tous stages touchant à cela m'intéressent, boîte de graphisme, de pub, magazine, musée ou autres. Je suis prête à me déplacer à l'étranger pour un stage, pour une durée flexible.

School: ECAL, Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne Renens 1020 Graphiste

(1225 Chêne-Bourg Ch )

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